Todd Bradley's smiling face

I’m Todd Bradley and Exploding Corpse Productions is my film and video business. Some days, Exploding Corpse Productions is a film production company, and consists of me plus friends and other collaborators. Other days, it’s just me, providing audio and video production and post-production services.

For years, I was based in Broomfield, Colorado, a suburb of Denver. But I’m currently working on a project involving travel around the United States.

Audio and Video Services

You’re probably thinking with a name like “Exploding Corpse” that I must be into amateur zombie movies or something. Nope. What I really do is location sound production, sound editing, camera ops, and video editing. I’ve created things like promotional videos for charity organizations, live broadcasts of kids’ science shows, and wedding videos. For more information on my background, past projects, and how I can help you, click here.


When I’m not working on a specific paying project for a client, I make movies. I’ve written and directed about 10 films now, and been in the cast or crew for another couple dozen. It seems I’m always working on three or four films in parallel. If you’re curious what I’ve done in the past or what I’m working on now, go check out my filmmaking page.