I directed my first film when I was in Cub Scouts as a young boy in Wyoming. But I didn’t really get serious about it until the mid-2000s. I started by working on amateur film and theatrical productions around Denver, leveraging my decades of experience with digital music recording into being the sound guy. After learning the ropes, I decided to start writing and directing my own films, also.

Since then I’ve finished nine films of my own, with four more in various states of production and post-production. And during that time I was credited on about a dozen films from other local filmmakers. I’m proud that a few of my short films have been accepted into regional film festivals, though only one of them has won an award so far. Some of my films have been quirky comedies, one was a drama (maybe overly-dramatic), and one was a documentary.

As of the summer of 2011, I’m working on three films.

Kung Fu Sushi Chefs

The first is the biggest project I ever worked on — a martial arts comedy called “Kung Fu Sushi Chefs.” Principal photography finished early in 2011, and it’s now in editing. Not only did this project have the largest cast and crew of any, it’s also taken the longest to finish. I started writing the script in the fall of 2008, so it’s going on three years. Talk about perseverance!

Cecil & Grace

The second project I’m actively working on is a short documentary about my paternal grandparents. It’s told through stories by the people who remember them.  My grandparents were dry land farmers in Colorado in the 40s, 50s, and 60s. They lived a life so different from that of the current generation, I want to capture what it was like, before it’s all forgotten.

Western Civilization of Roller Derby (working title)

And finally, my next big project is a documentary on roller derby culture around the United States. In June 2011, I started a year-long trip around the country, meeting and filming roller derby players, referees, volunteers, and fans. Instead of focusing on the sport itself or any specific players or teams, it looks at the unique culture that has grown up around the modern resurgence of roller derby. How does the derby community vary around the country and the world? How is it changing?

Film Links

Here is my page on the Internet Movie Data Base (IMDB).  That lists some of the films I’ve worked on in various capacities.

Here is my YouTube page, where you can see some of the short films I’ve created.

Here is my Vimeo page, which I plan to use in the future instead of YouTube.

Todd’s Filmography

And last but not least, here is a complete list of the films I’ve written and directed.

In the MomentDecember 2006documentary about an improv comedy troupe; two different edits - long version and a short version
The GiftJanuary 2007shot in one day; pokes fun of Christmas advertising
Mike in the ShotJanuary 2007comedy told from the perspective of a boom mic - part soap opera, part puppet show
CraniumJuly 2007the first time I appeared in my own film
HDTS Promo VideoJuly 2007comedic commentary on the hype surrounding HDTV
DiscretionAugust 2007award winner in the 2007 "48 Hour Film Project" for Denver
The Last Time I Saw Santa ClausDecember 2007my entry in the Third Annual Day-After-Thanksgiving "Wing It" Movie Making Spectacular
Inside Todd's HeadFebruary 2009YouTube video about a rare medical problem called superior semicircular canal dehiscence
Birthday GirlFebruary 2010martial arts comedy; test shoot for Kung Fu Sushi Chefs
Kung Fu Sushi Chefs(principal photography finished February 2011; now in editing)martial arts comedy
Cecil & Grace (working title)(in production)documentary in the "digital storytelling" style about my paternal grandparents
Western Civilization of Roller Derby (working title)(in production)documentary about roller derby culture throughout the USA; focuses on volunteer do-it-yourself attitude, local community involvement, and the rollergirl mystique
Smashed Potato(stalled waiting to find an animator)my first cooking video

The Animated Logo

Audiences always get a kick out of our animated logo when they first see it.  This is at the end of every film produced by Exploding Corpse Productions.  Thanks to Jen Casson for the awesomely low tech animation.